What is DeBill Environmental?

DeBill Environmental is a social enterprise providing evidence-based advice on fostering resilient vegetation in changing environments. We are a Partnership of South Australian environmental consultants.

Run by Dr Kathryn Hill and Mr Matthew Deboo.


Our Mission

Our mission is to foster resilient vegetation in changing environments.


As Environmental Consultants, we can provide the following

  • Native Vegetation assessments (Dr Hill is a Native Vegetation Council (NVC) Accredited Consultant)
  • Assessments of candidate sites for Significant Environmental Benefit offset
  • Vegetation/farmland/National Park monitoring through the use of a drone (Mr Deboo is a Remote Pilot Licence holder)
  • Plant health monitoring including plant water use, photosynthetic rates, impacts of climate on plants in situ, genetic analysis
  • Recommendations for plantings based on evidence including desktop surveys, plant physiology, ecology and genetics in the context of changing climates
  • Vegetation, animal and insect surveys